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REIKI… ‘universal energy’ healing

•  calming  •  balancing  •  soothing  •  immune boosting

REIKI is the only complementary therapy … recognised for both human & animal healing … with zero contra-indications.

Based on a combination of the ancient ‘laying on of hands’ & ‘universal life force energy’, 
REIKI helps relieve stress, pain & fear … thus returning the body to a more balanced state.

REIKI is particularly useful for healing after surgery … trauma & bereavement … or even when
 a person cannot be physically touched at all (eg – extreme burns or injury).

At Islands of Bliss REIKI can be applied on its own … or requested to accompany your massage session.

REIKI can also be extremely helpful for sick, injured or otherwise distressed pets … especially when used alongside conventional veterinary treatments. (Contact Suzanna for more information)

First HOUSECALL consult 90 minutes = $180     Studio Reiki Session 75 minutes = $95

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* personal consults only 


‘ REIKI fosters complete relaxation … for it is only when we are truly relaxed that true healing can take place … ’

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