Please help me! I need to lose weight … and FAST!

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This is the heartfelt plea I hear almost every week in my practice. Often with a time frame of a mere 2 – 4 weeks!

A new client wants a super-fast plan to slim down for a special occasion … a child’s wedding, a school formal, a new boyfriend. Often these same clients are also under the threat of medication to deal with high blood pressure, Diabetes 2 & its precursor metabolic syndrome.

Whatever the individual tipping point for quick weight loss, I’m often uncomfortably aware that most folks want ME to perform the miracle with a Magic Silver Fat Loss Bullet. Never mind that the Magic Silver Bullet does not actually exist! Except in the mythology of the marketing departments of so very many weight loss companies & crash diet promoters.

Sure, you may lose a few kilos for an event with some fancy crash diet or simply by running yourself into the ground with unaccustomed vigorous exercise. However, you’ll also be lowering your metabolism into starvation mode in the process & possibly having to deal with injuries/strains from your sudden exercise regimen to boot.

And if you want to look radiantly happy & elegant in the event photographs you sure don’t want to look strung out & crippled with pain … right?

So what can really be achieved in 4 – 6 weeks?
Come to me with a 2-week diary of everything you’ve eaten for the past 2 weeks at your first appointment & we’ll work out what you need to do about your intake for energy & nutritional wellbeing.
Then … with a regimen of my simple fresh food diet, increased water intake, moderate exercise, some fashion, make-up & simple skincare advice regimen …
(1) You could lose at least 5kg
(2) Your skin & expression will look more radiantly happy
(3) Your clothes will fit more comfortably
(4) You could be able to dance at least some/most of the night ( depending on your desires & physical capability)
(5) You’ll be thrilled that something … at last! … has worked!
(6) And maybe … just maybe … if you can keep my regimen going, your doctor will decide your don’t actually need medication for high blood
pressure or metabolic syndrome or Diabetes 2!

We’re not talking about a click from the remote here. We’re talking about a crash course on your eating patterns, what exercises you can safely engage in … and getting a grip on some discipline.

Honestly, what have you got to lose from such a commonsense approach?

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