Fitness over 50 Hunters Hill

PRACTICAL & FUN! 101 ways to get you moving with confidence …

•  adjust posture  •  rebuild strength  •  restore balance  •  revamp co-ordination

Suzanna’s Falls Prevention programme is dedicated to creating & repairing balance & co-ordination skills for Seniors & all those at risk of falling.

Trained in Tai Chi style falls prevention techniques by Grand Master Gary Khor
Suzanna infuses her one-on-one sessions with mindfulness, humour & compassion.

60 minutes = $95             Housecalls & groups available on request

Fitness over 50 Hunters Hill

STRENGTH • NUTRITION • low impact fitness…better than ever 50+

•  revamp lifestyle  •  rebuild strength  •  re-boot energy levels

What would you love to be doing that you can’t do now?
You don’t have to be young to be strong & healthy … just keen to improve & persistent.

Suzanna’s experienced & personalised attention to your abilities, needs & goals can help you 
revamp your lifestyle, strength & fitness so you can live the life you want to live.

You’ll be astonished by what you can achieve in just 6 weeks!

First consult 90 minutes = $140             75 minute sessions = $95

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$5 off your first consultation
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personal consults only 



What’s driving the rise in totally preventable diseases? How did we get here? Where are we going? What can we do? Why it matters.

Suzanna Hammond’s new book – ‘THE BODY CONNECTION an Analog ReBoot for Digital Times’ will make you laugh… make you cry… & make you slap your own forehead with ah-ha moments. A ripping, inspirational read that cuts to the chase with what really matters…

‘ Nutrition + mindfulness + movement = strength + balance + pain relief + wellness’

Suzanna Hammond – ‘People Renovator’
gladesville • hunters hill area • sydney's inner west
+61 2 9817 0107