‘At last! Suzanna Hammond has captured the essentials of her extensive health wisdom in an easily accessible read.  Gems of pure common sense gathered from her many years as a transformational bodywork practitioner, remedial massage therapist, holistic health coach, personal trainer, aromatherapist and natural skin care guru  – combined with the rollicking and provocative sense of humour you’d expect from an all-round Wise Woman who has survived a few serious health challenges herself.’ 

E. Joy Bowles, PhD, BSc, author, educator, researcher

TIME for a ReBoot
  • Snarling at your frazzled reflection in the mirror? So busy you’ve even started to think of yourself as a digital machine… rather than a flesh & blood person?
  • My new book –  ‘THE BODY CONNECTION an Analog ReBoot for Digital Times’–  was written with exactly YOU in mind.
  • To reconnect you – to yourself!  Full of simple, practical, common sense to make your life easier – & healthier.
  • Join me on a hilarious & thought-provoking romp through your body while I explain in plain English exactly why good old-fashioned analog health care still rules.
  • Discover how we came be sold on being so damn busy in the first place. And how you can make simple but profound improvements in realtime… without apps even!
  • Ditch a few habits. Learn a few tricks. Feel better. Sleep more soundly. Improve your mood. ReBoot your better self.
  • And so much more…
  • If you want to feel & look better 6 short weeks from now… you just have to get connected to your analog body & what it’s been trying to tell you all along.

What’s driving the rise in totally preventable diseases? How did we get here?
Where are we going? What can we do? Why it matters.

‘THE BODY CONNECTION an Analog ReBoot for Digital Times’ will make you laugh…
make you cry… & make you slap your own forehead with ah-ha moments.
A ripping, inspirational read that cuts to the chase with what really matters…

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an Analog ReBoot for Digital Times

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